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Jalisco is
Economy and Innovation

Is innovation
has a stable economic growth
is trade

The Center for Innovation and Design of Mexico
(MIND) is located in Jalisco.

MiND México Innovación y Diseño

There, the different productive sectors meet and create ecosystems with the goal of adding value to industry.


Jewelry, textile, garments and footwear.


Food, beverages, agro-industry, restaurants and tequila.


Brokers, exports and transports, etc.


Furniture manufacturers and distributors, interior designers, etc.


Formed by associations, agencies and design schools.


Housing industry.

High Technology

IT, telecommunications and electronics industry.


Support industries to main sectors

  • Jalisco has a railroad network that offers safe and fast connections to main national and international destinations.

Investment in Jalisco is backed by a solid economy and legal security that will enable your plans to become reality. In terms of its economic potential, our state is home to the second largest city in the country and is one of the 4 largest economies in Mexico, representing 7.1% of the country’s total GDP in 2016.

  • Jalisco is an area that offers investment opportunities in all types of productive activities.

Jalisco is number one in farming and ranching in Mexico. Jalisco is the leading producer in Mexico of berries, agave (tequila), lime, dairy products, eggs and pork meat.

Expo Guadalajara is one of the most important exhibition centers in the country and the third largest in Latin America with more than 70,000 visitors per year to private events that offer world-class exhibitions.

For the past 10 years, the Foreign Direct Investment in Jalisco has been growing successful


The Foreign Direct Investment in Jalisco has been growing successful with around 1.3 billion US.

  • The main investor

• Germany
• Belgium
• Spain
• Canada
• Japan.

  • The main destinartion

• IT
• Electronic
• Energy
• Automotive
• Agroindustry

Jalisco exported more than 48 billion US Dollars in products, with the main goods being electrical apparatuses and their spare parts transportation equipment and food products.

  • In number Jalisco exports

• 972 Different products
• 19 Productives sectors that Jalisco export 
• 181 Destination countries of the 193 that exist

Imports surpassed 54 billion US Dollars.

  • The main imports are in the areas

• Electronic equipment and components
• Chemical products, and common metals
• Their manufacturing or chemicals.

More competitive



Jalisco is connected to all Mexico by the main federal highways.

Business Environment

Business Environment

The investment in Jalisco included Innovation, Development and Innovation Centers (I+D+I) from international companies.