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Agribusiness Food Industry Gourmet

Companies 12,529
Foreign Direct Investment 28.7 MDD (2018 3Q)
Jobs 178,733

Main products/services

First place in the production of:
Confectionery, egg, edible oil, sauces, balanced foods, pork meat, dairy products, raspberries, cranberries, corn for animal feed, tequila agave, chickpeas for animal feed, sweet lime, fowl and beverages.
Second place in the production of: Beef, sugarcane, watermelon, green tomato, grain maize.
Third place in the production of:
Honey and avocado

Main companies

• Alceda
• Alimentos Extruidos
• Almidones Mexicanos
• Alpezzi Chocolate
• Bélticos
• Bimbo
• Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma
• Cervecería Modelo de Guadalajara
• Chocolatera de Jalisco
• Comercializadora de Lácteos y Derivados
• Confitera Mexicana
• Cremeria Americana
• Embotelladora Aga
• Embotelladora de Occidente
• Embutidos Corona

Human talent

4,110 graduates from careers related to the sector in 2012. Educational Institutions with an educational program related to the industry: Conalep, Univa, Universidad de Guadalajara, UVM, Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, ITESM, ITESO, in addition to diverse Technological Institutes.


Amount: 2,912 MDD (2017)

Products: Tequila, raspberry, blackberry, mulberries, industrial bakery, tomato growing, cut and packing of cattle meat and fowl.

Countries: US, Switzerland, Australia, Japan and Guatemala.


Amount: 17,816 MDD (2017)

Products: Telephone electric apparatuses. Integrated circuits and electronic microstructures.
Automated machines for data processing. Parts and accessories. Machines and apparatuses to print, clichés, plants, cylinders and other printing elements.
Apparatuses to cut, sectioning, protection, derivation, joint or connection of electric circuits.

Countries: US, Luxembourg, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Germany, Hong Kong and Canada

Entrepreneurial integration

Food Industry Chamber (925 affiliated enterprises), sole specialized chamber in the realm Nationwide.
• Tequila Chamber Source: INEGI, SHCP, IMSS, SEIJAL, SEJ & Entrepreneurial Chambers

Specialized infrastructure

Food analysis laboratory, accredited before the EMA (Entidad Mexicana de Acreditación A.C.) demonstrating technical competence pursuant to international standard ISO 17025.