Invest Jalisco

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Jalisco Automotive

Companies 27
Foreign Direct Investment 166 MDD (2018 3Q)
Jobs 27,943

Main products/services

• Seats
• Harnesses
• Bearings
• Plastic Parts
• Door Handles
• Headlamps and illumination systems
• Breaks and Suspensions
• Axles and Transmission
• Steering Pieces

Main companies

• Honda
• Sumida
• Hella
• ZF Sachs
• Continental
• Daido Metal
• Alpha
• Lite-On
• Nissin Kakou
• Matsuo
• Sanwa Screen
• Miyazaki Seiko
• Advics
• Efi Automotive
• Matsuo
• Sanwa Screen
• Miyazaki Seiko
• Advics
• Efi Automotive

Human talent

12 World-class Universities, 67 Postgraduate Programs, 2 Major Business Schools, 3 Technological Universities, 13 campus from the Mario Molina Network, 598 Job Training Centers, 58 Technical Schools.

Chambers and Associations in the State (CADELEC and CANIETI)


Amount: 7,402 Million US Dollars 2017
Products: Engines, parts and accessories (bodies and cabins), automobiles for transportation of goods, breaks and servo breaks, etc.
Countries: USA, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Panama, Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia.


Amount: 2,400 Million US Dollars 2017
Products: Breaks and servo breaks and their parts, automatic gear boxes, axles with differentials, parts and accessories for radiators, suspension shock absorbers, body stamped parts, etc.
Countries: USA, Brazil, Japan, China, Italy, Taiwan, Finland, Germany, Sweden and South Africa