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Jalisco High technology

Companies +600
Foreign Direct Investment 149 MDD (2018 3Q)
Jobs 56,751

Main products/services

• Electronic and telecommunications equipment
• Servers and IT equipment of high complexity
• Medical devices
• Measuring and telemetry equipment
• Automotive components
• Great capacity storage data equipment
• Aeronautical components and equipment
• Design services and test of semiconductors and electronic components
• High Added Value services (BPO and KPO)
• Design services and test of software and embedded systems
• Development of videogames and multimedia applications

Main companies

• Flex
• Sanmina
• Jabil
• Foxconn
• Continental

• HP
• Intel
• Dell Services
• Tata Consulting Services
• Bank of America
• Oracle

Human talent

Jalisco graduates an average of 6,000 Technicians and Engineers each year, in different specialties through:

• 14 Universities Acknowledged Internationally
• 13 campus from the Mario Molina Network
• 58 Technical Schools and
• 598 Labor Training Centers


Amount: 16,719 MDD (2017)

Products: Electronic equipment and telecommunications. Servers and IT equipment of high complexity. Medical apparatuses. Measuring and telemetry equipment. Automotive components.

Countries: US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and Hungary.


Amount: 17,816 MDD (2017)

Products: Telephone electric apparatuses. Integrated circuits and electronic microstructures. Automated machines for data processing. Parts and accessories. Machines and apparatuses to print, clichés, plants, cylinders and other printing elements. Apparatuses to cut, sectioning, protection, derivation, joint or connection of electric circuits.

Countries: US, Luxembourg, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Germany, Hong Kong and Canada

Entrepreneurial integration

• CANIETI Occidente
• U de G

Specialized infrastructure

• 36 Design Centers
• 4 Research and Development Centers
• 2 Software Centers
• 1 Multimedia Park
• 2 High Technology Incubators